What is the cost of your security?
Do you know where your kids are ?
Stay connected with someone who loves you with cUcME.

A mobile based position tracking application – ultimate in personal security!!!


For around 130 years, phone was merely used for voice communication. Video was added recently. Now we bring you this application in an effort to add location and time dimensions to your  hand held device. This is a paradigm shift in the way you have ever communicated.

In this fast paced world where things can turn real ugly anytime & anywhere, on the road, in the office, market, friend’s place or even at home. It is the time when you desperately want to reach out for your trusted ones for help. Now you may count on them to help you when you need them the most. You can alert your trusted ones and let them know of your location and situation so that they can come and help you. You can take video of the situation and transmit. This video will reside on your phone as well as uploaded to our servers.

Or with just one click you can let them know that you are fine and you have reached your destination.

Or you can just call or send message to your friends, parents or spouse to pick you up from wherever you are without ever wasting your expensive talktime in explaining your location to them.

Or if you have hosted a party at a particular location, you can let the guests know of  the venue location just by a click of a button. No need to spend your precious time giving them directions.

Or if you are going out in a group, you can track each other over a common map right until the rendezvous.

The application is sure to make your life easy and secure and more predictable henceforth.


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